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Case study

How a webinar registration page redesign skyrocketed enrollment numbers

A Brief Context

For a long time, CentrumXP has been conducting expert free webinars for individuals seeking to expand their knowledge in the Microsoft 365 software domain. The time has come to modernize the webinar registration page template, refresh the advertising designs, revamp the email campaigns, and create a free e-book containing content from the event.

Main goals


A reusable, modern webpage using a custom template designed for registering for webinars hosted by experts from the CentrumXP portal.

Modern mailings related to the webinars and advertising designs that increased interest in CentrumXP's webinars.

Creation of a free e-book in PDF format for webinar attendees, containing information and notes related to the content presented during the online event. This bonus enabled participants to revisit webinar content at any time.

  • Increasing the number of webinar registrations.

  • Acquiring sales leads.

  • Enhancing brand credibility.

  • Making the webinar registration page, graphics, and mailings more appealing and modern.

My role and actions

My role and actions

  • Competition analysis.

  • Wireframing.

  • Low Fi/High Fi mockups.

  • Conducting user testing (with my colleague from the team).

  • Designing mailings and preparing advertising graphics.

  • Conducting an analysys of heat maps, click maps, user flows.

Stages of design process


Defining problems, business requirements, collecting data.


After implementing the project according to the provided prototype, I proceed to testing

the website.


Creating wireframe layout,
tweaking the design until the layout and the structure are worked out with all the ideas incorporated based on the requirements.


When the website has been thoroughly tested and all corrections are already implemented, it's time for the launch.


When the prototype is approved, it goes to the developers.


After launch it's necessary to conduct an analysis of heat maps, click maps, user flows, and conversions.

Research and exploration


I conducted research on various types of webinars related to technology topics. I registered for webinars that were scheduled to take place soon. This allowed me to not only explore the registration pages but also follow the subsequent steps taken by the organizing company. This way, I gained insights not only into the sign-up process but also the stages that occur after registering for the webinar and while awaiting the event. Additionally, I learned how to extend the memory of the event, professionally conclude the process, and encourage participation in future webinars.

Seeking inspiration

I went through many sources for inspiration, took references and got to know the different sections dedicated to the events and the fine tuning done in them to attract maximum number of people to sign up.

Information architecture

After conducting research, gathering inspiration, and analyzing the previously used webinar template (CentrumXP), I proceeded to create a diagram that includes all the necessary information regarding the information architecture.

Group 10161.png


After preparing the information architecture, I started working on wireframing. I began with initial sketches, drawing out the layout of the page on paper, and then proceeded to work in Figma. During the iterative process, we managed to develop the final layout.

Visual design - landing page

While creating the final version of the project, I didn't encounter many issues related to color scheme, typography, or aesthetics. When crafting the final prototype, I relied on the branding and style guides that had been previously developed and implemented in the CentrumXP Store and on the CentrumXP portal. It's a single brand, so all designs need to be consistent.

Hero section and registration form

Group 10217.png
Group 10216.png


Group 10223.png
Group 10230.png

Benefits of participation

Group 10224.png

About us

Group 10225.png


I prepared email projects that were sent in accordance with the appropriate stage of the entire experience. Starting with thank-you emails for registering for the webinar, followed by reminders about the webinar. Finally, participants received emails with bonus content, a certificate, a recording of the entire session in video format, and a teaser for the upcoming webinar.

Advertising graphics

Advertising graphics

The templates for advertising graphics were created based on the color scheme and branding of CentrumXP.

Comparison and conclusions

Comparison and conclusions

Below, I have presented the old design of the webinar registration page and its updated version based on research, competitive benchmarking, and my knowledge. Developing the appropriate information architecture allowed for the organization of content on the page. This time, the accent color highlighting key elements on the page has been applied in the appropriate proportion compared to the previous design.


Webinar stary design 1.png


Webinar online_ Microsoft Project 26.01 4.png

The number of registrations for the webinar

The previous landing page



The refreshed landing page



Above is a presented statistic that depicts the actual range of webinar participants (discrepancy is also related to the webinar topics and the audience niche).

Other conclusions

  • Participants willingly downloaded bonus materials related to the webinar.

  • The new advertising graphics attracted a larger audience of interested individuals, and reminder emails about the upcoming event contributed to building a higher attendance of participants for the webinar.

Further project development and user experience enhancement

How else can we increase the number of participants in the future?

  • It's worth considering the automation of phone calls to remind people about the upcoming webinar.

  • Another option is to incorporate automatic event addition to the calendar for individuals interested in the webinar.

Which webinars were conducted using my designs?

Below, I present the webinars that were conducted after implementing custom templates for landing pages, mailings, and advertising graphics related to CentrumXP webinars.

I customized all projects and graphics to fit the needs of the new webinar. I relied on a previously established template that was approved by the team and CEO.

Group 10236.png


How to Save Time through Work Automation in Microsoft 365?

The third webinar in the series. Conducted in March 2023.

Group 102147.png


Discover the Most Interesting Tricks in Microsoft Word

The fifth webinar in the series. Conducted in May 2023.


Top Features and Applications in Microsoft 365

The second webinar in the series. Conducted in February 2023.

Group 102146.png


Microsoft Project: How to Build a Project Completely from Scratch

The fourth webinar in the series. Conducted in April 2023.

Group 102146d.png
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