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Case study

GoingNatureBio Store
E-commerce UX/UI

A brief context

The GoingNatureBio store was initially only operated on the Allegro platform. The owner decided to build her own website. The online store selling natural cosmetics was also meant to broaden horizons, strengthen the brand, and increase trust in it.

Customers view sellers who have a store outside of just Allegro much more positively. A brand that takes care of its online presence is more credible and professional. This directly improves sales.

GoingNatureBio does not produce its own cosmetics. The store's assortment consists of products from various brands offering natural cosmetics. Due to the lack of unique products, we face much greater competition.


Conducting a UX audit allowed us to identify issues present on the store's website. Thanks to additional research and comparison with the competition, we were able to develop new solutions and address the problems faced by the previous design. Additionally, a blog was created that will offer interesting content on cosmetics and more.

A new logo and new visual identity were also developed, which strongly alludes to nature, professionalism, and modernity.

Main goals

  • Designing a new visual identity.

  • Identifying UX/UI discrepancies on the site through an audit.

  • Identifying customer pain points.

  • Designing a blog that will provide knowledge, updates from the beauty world, and support purchasing decisions.

Frame 32.png
My role and actions

My role and actions

  • Conducting a UX audit.

  • Conducting research.

  • Competition analysis.

  • Designing a new visual identity.

  • Low Fi/High Fi mockups.

Stages of design process

Stages of design process


Conducting a UX audit, defining problems, collecting data. Finding user pain points and competitors strategies.


Preparing the final design of a website: working on high-fidelity mockups.


Developing a new visual identity: crafting a new logo and choosing the right color palette.


Testing static images and interctive prototype.


Analyzing user experience, insights, customer journey, maps, personas, task flow, user flow.


After testing the prototype and drawing conclusions, it's time for iterative work and improving the prototype.



Buyer personas

The buyer persona differs from the ideal candidate profile in that it must be built on the basis of real data, i.e., information coming directly from customers. This method focuses on analyzing the customer's decision-making process. The buyer persona helps to determine the initial stages of the decision-making process.

The information I included in the buyer personas is based on interviews with people from my environment who are interested in cosmetics and the beauty industry.

Group 10233.png
Group 10253.png
Group 10251.png
Group 10254.png
Group 10232.png
Group 10252.png

Studying the competition

Studying the competition in terms of user experience is a key element in the product or service design process. It allows you to understand what solutions are used by other companies in the industry, what their strengths and weaknesses are, and what gaps can be filled by offering something better or innovative.

New visual identity

New visual identity

The store needed a new scalable and simple logo that references nature. The current logo is barely visible and is too complicated. The large amount of text, which is illegible, greatly disrupts the aesthetics and perception of the logo. The laurel leaves encircling the inscription do not accurately reflect the entire context.

The color scheme used on the store's website did not allow for satisfactory values in the context of WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines). The graphics on the store did not fully reflect what they should. All sorts of banners had very low contrast compared to the text and background. The CTA (Call to Action) on the banners was invisible.


The new GoingNatureBio logo symbolizes a connection with nature. The hands spreading out beneath the leaves represent a pursuit of naturalness and openness to all that is natural.

The color palette of the logo and other visual identity elements is inspired by nature, soothing, health, and freshness.

Old logo.png


New logo.png



The color scheme used on the store's website did not allow for satisfactory values in the context of WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines).

Group 10255.png



Final design

Final design

The final mockups are based on previously developed information, research, and the new branding.

From now on, potential customers can easily find the products they are interested in. The redesign is characterized by clarity, minimalist design, practicality, and accessibility. Now, it's much easier and faster to access the relevant product categories, filter the product listing, and obtain information related to a specific product. Additionally, the product page has been equipped with the ability to leave reviews. Comments and ratings for a product are presented in a clear manner, easy to scan visually.

Customers will be able to gain knowledge in the field of beauty and care directly from the blog, which was developed based on competitive research and its actions.


Desktop Home GoingNatureBio - Redesign-1.png
Desktop Home GoingNatureBio - Redesign.png
Desktop Home GoingNatureBio - Redesign-2.png
Desktop Home GoingNatureBio - Redesign-3.png
Desktop Listing GoingNatureBio - Redesigna.png
Desktop Listing GoingNatureBio - Redesigna-1.png
Desktop blog GoingNatureBio r-1.png
Desktop blog GoingNatureBio r.png
Desktop blog GoingNatureBio r-3.png
Desktop Product GoingNatureBio - Redesignd.png
Desktop Product GoingNatureBio - Redesignd-1.png
Desktop blog second category GoingNatureBio f.png
Desktop blog second category GoingNatureBio f-1.png
Desktop blog second category GoingNatureBio f-2.png
Desktop blog GoingNatureBio r-2.png
Desktop blog GoingNatureBio r-4.png
Desktop blog GoingNatureBio r-5.png
Desktop blog article GoingNatureBio q-1.png
Desktop blog article GoingNatureBio q-2.png
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