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Project context

Case study

CentrumXP Store
E-commerce UX/UI

A brief context

The CentrumXP store is primarily directed towards B2B customers. The assortment mainly consists of software, hardware, and training related to Microsoft applications. The store itself coexists with the CentrumXP portal, where experts share their professional knowledge
and skills.

The CentrumXP Store was established based on the Onex Store, which was dedicated to B2C customers. This approach allowed for a faster Minimum Viable Product (MVP) implementation and the launch of the new store. Despite this clear advantage, various issues arose due to the lack of visual coherence with the CentrumXP portal itself, to which the new store was meant to relate. As a result, I was tasked with the challenge of harmonizing the store with the CentrumXP portal in terms of UI, as well as identifying customer pain points that were adversely affecting perceptions and experiences associated with the store.


The UX audit allowed us to detect issues on the store's website, both in terms of UX and UI. I found broken links, visually inconsistent elements, incorrect redirects, problems with product listings, and improperly implemented interface elements. Along with these issues, I provided solutions.

User research revealed pain points. I observed moments that were not entirely clear to potential customers and caused them trouble. This made it easier to design something that actually needed improvement.

Main goals

  • Identifying customer pain points.

  • Identifying inconsistent UI elements on the website.

  • Enhancing and improving user experiences.

  • Design new sub-page views, improve home page and product listing.

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My role and actions

My role and actions

  • Conducting a UX audit.

  • Conducting user research.

  • Competition analysis.

  • Wireframing.

  • Low Fi/High Fi mockups.

Stages of design process


Defining problems, business requirements, collecting data.


After implementing the project according to the provided prototype, I proceed to testing

the website.


Creating wireframe layout,
tweaking the design until the layout and the structure are worked out with all the ideas incorporated based on the requirements.


When the website has been thoroughly tested and all corrections are already implemented, it's time for the launch.


When the prototype is approved, it goes to the developers.


After launch it's necessary to conduct an analysis of heat maps, click maps, user flows, and conversions.

Research (UX audit and moderated user research)

UX audit - Heuristic analysis

The goal of the audit was to increase conversion rates, improve user experience, and extend the time a potential customer spends on the store's website.

One of the first activities that took place when starting work on improving the CentrumXP store's website was conducting a UX audit. Such a diagnostic tool allows for the assessment of user interaction quality with the e-commerce platform by examining various aspects of their experience. In this way, we obtain an objective view of the interface and an evaluation of how effectively it meets the expectations and needs of visitors to the site.

I chose the heuristic methodology, which is a method based on evaluating the site for compliance with accepted principles and best practices in the UX field. I used the most well-known usability heuristics by Jacob Nielsen.

Areas examined for compliance with heuristics


Evaluation of the readability

of the website, intuitiveness

of navigation, menu structure, links, and breadcrumbs.


Evaluation of search efficiency and accuracy, filtering. Checking the accuracy of product recommendations.

Information Architecture

Analysis of the organization,

clarity and presentation

of information on the site.

Interface Design

Evaluation of the interface design, including colors, typography, icons, forms,

and buttons.

Purchase Process

Analysis of the clarity, simplicity, and efficiency of the purchasing process, including the cart, payment forms, action buttons, and confirmations.

Final Report

During the audit, any identified issues were gathered in a document. Each issue was described, included a screenshot, and was appropriately linked. Collecting this type of information assists in easier navigation and facilitates further work.

Moderated user research

Another form of research was user testing. I managed to recruit 5 respondents from my immediate environment, and in the end, 4 people actually participated in the study. Participants who took part in it had no previous experience with the CentrumXP store. This allowed me to observe fresh reactions and attempts to reach the goal unclouded by previous experiences.

Task-based study plan

  • Introduction - establishing contact with the respondent and familiarizing them with the situation, encouraging them to share conclusions and thoughts - about 10 minutes.

  • Task - the content of tasks to be carried out independently by the respondent under the supervision of a moderator - about 30 minutes.

  • Summary - a final interview with the respondent about their impressions of using the product - about 10 minutes.

Tasks for respondents

Create your account, log out of it, and try to log in again.

Create your account, log out of it, and try to log in again.