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Case study

Mobile App UX/UI

Product overview

Your source of cinema snacks

CBite is an innovative application that revolutionizes the way we order snacks at the movies. With CBite, you can enjoy your favorite snacks both on the way to the cinema and during the screening, without
the need to stand in long queues.

Choice of time and pickup method

With CBite, you have full control over your order. Choose a convenient pickup time and even the method - whether at the counter or using
a special food storage locker.

Convenient and easy ordering

Ordering snacks has never been so simple. Just
a few clicks to select your favorite treats, set your preferred pickup time, and choose the delivery method.

Flexibility and comfort

Whether you're on the way to the cinema or already there, CBite provides convenience and comfort, allowing you to enjoy the best snacks in a perfectly tailored way to your schedule.

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My role

My role

  • Conducting research.

  • Competition analysis.

  • Designing a new visual identity.

  • Low Fi/High Fi mockups.

Design process

Design process


User research
User interviev
Competitive analysis


User personas
Empathy map
User journey


User flow
Card sorting
Information Architecture


Lo-Fi wireframes
Hi-Fi prototype


User testing


Empathize phase

Empathize phase 


The CBite app is intended to be an app that will revolutionize the process of ordering snacks both on the way to the cinema and at the cinema itself. With this app, movie-goers are to be able to easily and quickly order their favorite snacks in advance, pay and pick up their order without having to go to the box office and stand in lines.

Qualitative research

Interviews with customers presented their points of view, so I could more easily understand their difficulties and see new opportunities. Discovering pain points is a key aspect to aptly develop solutions for users.

Interview questions

  • Can you describe your typical experience when going to the theater for a movie?

  • What challenges do you face when ordering snacks at the theater?

  • When do you decide what snacks to order?

  • How would you feel about pre-ordering snacks through a mobile app before arriving at the theatre?

  • Have you ever ordered cinema snacks with no intention of going to a movie?

Competitive analysis

Competitive analysis


For the analysis, I selected three popular apps for ordering snacks or food, taking into account:

  • User Interface (UI)

  • User experience (UX)

  • Functionality

  • Speed and responsiveness

  • User feedback

Strengths best apps had:

Clear interface: Simple and intuitive design attracted users.
Easy navigation: Well-designed menus made ordering snacks easy.
Special promotions: Encouraged users to buy sets, saved money and encouraged them to try new snacks.
Customization options: Customizable ordering options.
High responsiveness: Smooth and fast application performance.

Weaknesses among the drawbacks I noticed:

Complicated ordering processes: Overly convoluted or multi-step procedures discouraged users.
Lack of an efficient way to pick up snacks: Apps did not always provide snacks at the optimal temperature. A better solution is to pick up from a special thermal cabinet.


The app must be easy to use, fast and responsive, with personalization features and high-quality customer support. A key solution that will enhance the consumer experience will be the ability to use thermal cabinets and offer different ways to pick up snacks.

Define phase

Define phase

User personas

Empathy map

Empathy map - snack ordering app for a movie theater 1.png

User journey map

User journey map.png
Ideate phase

Ideate phase

User story board (big picture)

storyboard 1.png

User story board (closeup)

closeup 1.png

User flow

Design phase

Design phase 

Lo-Fi wireframes

Login page.png
Register page.png
Search movie theater page.png
Homepage - after choosing movie theatre added product.png
Add card.png
Product page - second card from propositions.png
Completed order.png
Order summary.png
Pickup details.png

Hi-Fi wireframes

Login page-1.png
Homepage - before choosing movie theatre-1.png
Menu - after choosing movie theatre-1.png
Cart - 1 step.png
Cart - 3 step.png
Login page.png
Homepage - before choosing movie theatre.png
Search movie theater page - use location not allowed.png
Cart - 1 step-1.png
Menu - after choosing movie theatre-2 1.png
Register page.png
Menu - after choosing movie theatre 1.png
Profile - settings.png
Cart - 2 step.png
Cart - 3 step-1.png
Testing phase

Testing phase 

UX research study script and users feedback

Overall experience

Steps are easy to follow

Lots of payment methods

Possibility to check the qr code of the order at any time

Well written instructions

Menu browsing

is easy

Ability to choose to pick up your order without standing in line


Social media login

Fast onboarding process

Choosing a theatre

App works for other cinemas

View a list of suggested cinemas

Is map worldwide scale?

Adding and removing snacks

Easy to add products and change quantities

Confirmation notification

Easy way to check extra info about products

Keeping track of all the added items

Possibility to discard a product and change its quantity in the basket

Overall experience

Cart is easy to find

Easy way to check QR code after paying

Easy path to follow

Possibility to add more payment methods

Popup message about added products

Add possibility to skip giving tips

Style guide

Style guide

Color palette






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